Alicia Castillo Holley is an international expert in creating wealth. Funny, Witty, and Passionate about prosperity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. She also has one of the coolest activities: angel investing.

Castillo Holley’s career started as a young scientist and professor on Agronomy before becoming involved in product development for a Bayer-Shell joint venture and eventually turning into an entrepreneur and angel investor (See highlights below).

As an entrepreneur, she has started nine companies -successfully exiting from five of them- and two non-for-profit. She played an pivotal role in the Development for the Entrepreneurial Curriculum and the Venture Capital Industry in Chile, where she lived between 1996 and 2002. She has also consulted, mentored, or coached hundreds of entrepreneurs worldwide, is a prolific author and speaker, and pushes academic institutions to reinvent business education.

As an Angel Investor, she has supported over a dozen companies, mostly in Silicon Valley – see highlights below.

Castillo Holley has served as a panel member of several international business plan competitions, including WRI, Endeavor, Babson College, and Western Australia’s Inventor of the Year. She is also a reviewer for several academic conferences on entrepreneurship. And, she has studied A LOT: Agronomy Engineer – Valedictorian, Magister Scientiarum- Magna Cum Laude, Universidad Central de Venezuela; Master on Business Administration – A Travieso Fellowship, Babson College; PhD in Entrepreneurship and Finance, University of Western Australia. Graduate, Australian Institute of Corporate Directors.

Philanthropically, she supports organizations that foster education, social entrepreneurship and prevent and turn domestic violence into harmony. A global trotter, she has visited over 100 countries, and has lived in Venezuela, Chile, Australia, Denmark, Switzerland, and the US (Chautauqua, Wellesley, Houston, Menlo Park).

As a speaker, she has been invited to prestigious institutions worldwide such as Babson College (USA), Rice University (USA), Stanford University (USA), Santa Clara University (USA), Tec de Monterrey (Mexico), Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (Saudi Arabia), Effat University (Saudi Arabia), Arabian Gulf University (Bahrain), Induexpo (Latin America) Universidad Adolfo Ibanez (Chile), Universidad Central de Venezuela (Venezuela), Universidad Federico Santa Maria (Chile), Universidad Francisco Marroquin (Guatemala) as well as many private companies, and forums, which, given her age, would take too long to list.



Tribute to my Dad who graduated from life on Jan 8th.

GP/co-founder A3 Hospitality. Developing Hotels throughout California, and Angel Investing (5 companies, 2 microVCs)

Starts program on Funding for women, and Angel Investing (5 companies)
Advisory member to TechSuperWomen – see firechat here.  Invests in 6 companies, and 2 more micro VCs. Guest speaker at programs in Silicon Valley. Launches online programs on Funding.
Invests in Illuminate Ventures, a Venture Capital Fund, and becomes a member of Sand Hill Angels
Joins Santa Clara University as an adjunct lecturer.  Exits from Family Eats LLC. Is awarded a PhD on Academic Entrepreneurship (University of Western Australia).
Moves to Silicon Valley – Starts the Wealthing® Institute. Invests in Family Eats LLC. Presents PhD dissertation on Academic Entrepreneurship.
Co-chairs the Diana Conference on Gender issues in Entrepreneurship, along with the first ACERE conference – Perth, Australia. Travels to Eastern and Central Europe for 4 months. Speaks at the TedX Silicon Valley. Topic: no more dreams, it is time to make things happen. Publishes book: How to fund your million dollar idea. Publishes crowd-written book: co-creating happiness (with 104 authors).
Presents papers at AGSE Conference – Melbourne, Australia; ICSB Conference – Stockholm, Sweden; Triple Helix ConferenceStanford, California. Guest speaker at Santa Clara University, California. Invited to Aarhus University as Visting Scholar. Speaking World tour: Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, USA.

Selected for Babson’s Entrepreneurial Conference Doctoral Consortium (at IMD – Switzerland) and for ICSB (Stockholm) Doctoral Consortium. Speaking World tours: Australia, Asia, Europe, South America, USA.
2009First world tour: Australia, Middle East, USA, South America. Defines Wealthing(R) method, a systematic approach to wealth creation. Second world tour: Australia, Central America and North America. Starts PhD: role of the scientist in the results of research’s commercialization.
2008Publishes first book: Creando Empresas Fabulosas. Creates From Brainer to Gainer method, supporting the transformation of scientists and researchers into wealth creators.
2006Exits Ila Cao and Teablossoms. Writes and publishes the Ten Unwealthy Habits.
2005Starts Alicia Castillo Wealthing Group, joins Babson Founder’s Club. Provides consulting to several university based technologies. Expands coaching practice to business owners and managers.
2003Sells Ventures Latinas Chile, consolidates Venture Latinas USA. Leads Coachville Spanish group.
2004Starts Teablossoms as an expansion of Ila Cao.
2002Expands Ventures Latinas to USA. Starts Ila Cao, cofounds Shades and Highlights. Acts as Panelist at the Institute for Latin American Business – Babson College.
2001Helps reorganize Chile’s first business incubator training system. Develops and trains professors on Teaching entrepreneurship. Writes guide for angel investors and Venture Capital. Invited guest speaker at Babson’s first Latin American Conference.
2000Buys and renames First Public as Ventures Latinas. Founds Capital Semilla (Chile’s first seed capital fund). Co-founds Reklamos, a C2b initiative.
Leads IDRC funded research project on Angel Investing in South America, Chilean Pole. Starts Ventures Latinas Training and Research. Designs and implements two 140 hrs programs, one for scientists and one for intrapreneurship. Trains first Endeavor’s MBAs in Chile. Participates in Endeavor‘s first selection panel and in the World Resources Institute’s first Business Plan Competition.
1998Co-funds First Public Inc Chile (with a sister company in the USA). Writes Guide for Business Plan – widely used in Latin America. Leaves University as a full time academic, stays as a lecturer.
Designs and starts Chile’s 1st Center for Entrepreneurship – Univ. Adolfo Ibanez. Also starts Universtity’s Entrepreneurs Club. Is invited to Australia, Canada and US. Participates in America’s first meeting of Centers for Entrepreneurship. Participates in Price Babson SEE.
Graduates from Babson and returns to Latin America.
Works in Switzerland – Ciba Geigy’s subsidiary Zyma.
1994Moves to Boston – Armando Travieso Fellowship Babson College. Loses savings.
1993Self funded sabbatical, works for non-profits after Plantagro’s closure. Coordinadora Teatro de la Opera; volunteer at Casa de La Mujer and Scouts.
Leaves academia, joins Bayer-Shell Joint Venture Plantagro. Increases product launches from one per two years to eight per year. Co-founds Cobup (Comite para el buen uso de plaguicidas), national industry organization that fosters appropriate use of pesticides. Participates as Industry representative on the Environmental Law discussions.
Starts Dijar, landscaping company.
Lectures at Universidad Central de Venezuela.
Early graduation, best thesis, starts Master of Science. “Accomplice” on the newspaper “La Colmena”, Maracay.
Special prize youngest presenter at the Congreso Iberoamericano de Microscopia Electronica. Eight presented papers at time of graduation.
First scientific paper presented Convencion Nacional Ing. Agronomos. Youngest presenter in the history of the conference.