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Thanks Giving

for no reason

There should be a reason to be grateful.  We are giving the gift of life for no reason, and yet, there are so many reasons to be greateful.

Getting back after over 4 months of traveling. Perth-San Francisco-San Juan-Houston-Paris-Gothenborg-Stockholm-Turfu-Helsinki-Taalinn-Tartu-Riga-Jurmala-Vilnius-Warsaw-KrakowPrague-Kutna Hora-Dresden-Berlin-Frankfurt-Mannheim-Stuttgart-Munich-Fuessen-Vaduz-Innsbruck-Salzburg-Vienna-Bratislava-Piestany-Budapest-Sibiu-BrasovBucarest-Sofia-Skopje-Orhid-(Istanbul, thanks to the Albania visa hiccup)-PodgoricaKotor-Dubrobnik-Split-Medjugorje-Sarajevo-Zagreb-Lbjuljana-Bled-Padova-Parma-Milan-Como-Gebbia (found grandparents story)-Pisa-Genova-Montecarlo-Nice-Cannes-Avignon

Few more days to go to San Fran, and an unexpected unplanned visit to my niece’s graduation tomorrow in Laussane!

and… a social project turned awesome!  a collection of stories about happiness, 150+ participants, 43 countries.   best antidote to the evidence of wars.

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