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No more Dreams

Ted X Silicon Valley –

Global Women Entrepreneurs  Dec 1, 2012

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No more dreams

Dreams give us hope and wings…

but to make them happen we need to put them aside.

Look up to your dream, grab it and follow us on this amazing conversation.

What I want to share with you are 10 lessons I learnt whilst creating and running for the first year, Chile’s first formal seed capital fund.

Lesson 1: there is nothing inspirational about thinking small

Most of the times it is easier to do something larger than what is possible

The difference between starting a small company or not starting a company is large

The difference between starting a large company or a small company is small.

Lesson 2: Leverage on your passions, not your skills

When you are passionate about something is shows and you take feedback well

When you use your skills you give your locus of control to other’s judgments

Think that you’ve been giving life to develop something, not to benefit from some skills given to you in which you took no part.

(that’s the problem with academia today by the way)

Lesson 3: Don’t go solo

Arabs say: if you want to go fast, go solo; if you want to go far, go with others.

But don’t go carrying others, caravan with people who collaborate with you.

Pick your travelling companions.

Lesson 4: Incorporate talent

Talent involves knowledge, know how, capacity, passion for excellence.

Words with actions, Dreams require words, Actions require steps.

When you face rocks in your path, talent makes it possible to chose if it is best to blow it, make a tunnel, go underneath, take a plane, change paths, and so forth.

Talent is not having someone who likes you tell you you’re doing a good job. It is not mentoring, it is not coaching. It is providing suggestions based on know-how to achieve excellence.

Lesson 5: Build knowledge

We all learn by doing, but only when we sit down to capture our learning to share it with others, we create knowledge. Otherwise it is intuition.

We build a better world creating knowledge. To do that we need previous knowledge, experience, reflection and some form of capture that can be used by others.

Write down what you’ve learned, we are still benefiting from writing, that is what made history, add your part.

Lesson 6: Create wealth

The old discussion of capitalism vs socialism is over.

Capitalism is about numbers and efficiency. Socialism is about values and empathy. They are not opposites, they are different.

Entrepreneurship builds a magical bridge between them. We cannot create wealth without sharing it. The focus is not on creating wealth only for the individual but to consider society as a whole.

You can be destroying wealth. Be aware of it. We need more wealth, more jobs, more taxes, and so forth.

Think about your impact on others. Bring others to think about their impact on others.

Lesson 7: Innovate

Innovation means focused change. Change with a purpose. Otherwise it is creativity – about self-expression, not use.

And in entrepreneurship that translates into a goal. Have a goal in mind to create wealth.

There are usually two ways to do it:  increase use or sales; or , change decrease costs or expenses. They are both related to increasing profits.

The problem is what to do with the profits, how to keep that flowing. Again be aware on how you share the wealth you are creating.

Lesson 8: Accept failure

Failure is horrible. We are so used to tying our self-worth to our success that we leave no room for failure.

We are not our failures, we are not our successes. We are our attitude.

The opposite of success is not failure, it is inaction. When you take action, you always win.

Yet, we need to understand failure’s reasons: is it related to our capacity, complacency or is it outside of our control ?

Then failure gives us two wonderful gifts: we learn to love ourselves when we fail. We also learn to understand others when they fail.

Lesson 9: Follow through

This is where passion becomes important…

You’ve got to love what you are doing, otherwise it becomes an impossible task, and you end up wondering if it is worth it.

That is the problem with the skills. Passion is inside of you, passion ignites you… Skills are outside of you, they are a result, not the cause of your passion.

Skills need external reassurance, you give up your locus of control.

Passion will always seek a way out, it is what you are here in life to do. If you don’t let it out, it blows you from within or kills you slowly.

There are times where you really want out, and the only way to stick to it is to leverage on how thrill you are about what you are doing.

When you are desperate, use dreams!

Lesson 10: indulge yourself

I put this last… yes, last… not first, not in the middle.

DO something that gives you pleasure, not for anybody else but you.

Take that walk, sing that song, eat that thing, smile for no reason and be kind of crazy, AFTER you’ve done your part.. not before and not during.

It is the icing on the cake, not the cake. You are the cake. And your whole project is food. Think about being more connected.

and now…

Ask yourself, what would happen if instead of following your dreams, you would create the reality you wanted and let the dreams follow you.

Thanks for listening/ reading

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