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David, Shree, and the book of I

It was an unusual morning in Houston. We had planned to drive to Galveston, to a beach house I rented to host Mom and Dad; Danny and Jin (and pollito half cooking); Sara and Stephan (and full cooked Harmony and Hope); and myself. We stop to have breakfast with my friend David Chaumette and Shree Pandya. Shree also reminded me of the questions many young women have today, specially those who want a magical life. Not the cinderella style but a life they are carving for themselves.

These questions are also shared by young men, and by older women and men, only that… young professional women phrase them SO WELL.  Our conversation moved from choices to opportunities, from preoccupation to inspiration, from minorities to connection.

Throughout the world, people are asking similar questions: who are we, why we are here, what is the ‘best’ way to live life, how to do I chose. Our questions are indeed more similar than different. It is in the answer that separation lies. Yet, there is ONE more similarity: people who have awesome lives look for the answers inside of them. The external influence is noise, the real message is unique to each of us. That is the beauty of the word ‘I”.

Shree, David, and Danny inspired me to create my new book. The book of I.

The book of I helps you regain that control.   I chose, I love, I trust, I fail, I win, I lose, I own, I inspire… Through a set of 50 “I”, an identity is created.  This is going to be my first book on twitter too, so stay tuned!   we will share it on our facebook page too.

So, let’s start 2015 with the intention to regain control of I.

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