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Border-less Leadership – book long due!

Borderless Leadership

I love discovering words of wisdom and this is a fantastic book!  Now more than ever we need global leadership skills. I am more and more convinced that the world is becoming closer and closer and that we are embarking into a new type of leadership.

The book takes a big-picture view of human relationships and helps the reader understand how we are similar and can work together, effectively, and harmoniously.

I was intrigued by the anecdote about learning (teaching actually) how to drive: it is not the skill, it is the mindset, the intuitive knowledge about the pedestrian that can possible get in front, or the car making an unusual turn. Driving through the challenges of business and social cultures goes beyond the skills, it also involves the mindset, the intuitive knowledge about people, not numbers, not resources: simply and purely defined people. This is exactly the way to learn. I shared that with my students at Santa Clara University and what a twist the class took!

I like this book because it provides a clear way forward: focusing on our similarities to work effectively jointly, and not on our differences to question if we will ever be able to overcome our differences. What I found most useful was the author’s summary of the six most prominent behavioral differences:
1. Planning vs execution
2. Paternalistic vs empowering styles
3. Top-down vs distributed decisions
4. Relationship building vs contract signing
5. Formal vs informal interactions, and
6. Social vs financial decisions

Kraljevic provides a fun and refreshing view of leadership in today’s global world. A must read for today’s managers, and travelers.

And here is an interview with the author!


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