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The Right Right to Education

ACastilloMDEIt was a good day today. The day is clear and fresh in Silicon Valley – we still need rain but alas, that Sun feels so incredibly good! I got a wonderful email from DJ Patil, the US Chief Data Scientist. I met DJ as the moderator of a firechat at Cathryn Posey’s event Tech super women (

DJ’s message made me think about education. You see, if you think education is expensive, try ignorance. An educated country is always progressing, not because educated people know what to do but because they know how to learn. DJ’s message was poetically beautiful, amazing what Data Scientists do. Despite having a PhD in applied mathematics, he humbly reflected upon the foundation of his education at a community college:

love for math (instilled by a math teacher – hey! I remembered mine too, who would add exams questions such as what is the half of one -the belly button);

learning how to write (ok, ok, I didn’t get that one right – I love to read but write it is still a work in progress, specially in English)

confidence (DJ didn’t dwell on that, but it hit me right there, my degrees give me confidence, more so, degrees certify knowledge – yes, that is part of the conclusions of my PhD)

Right to education, is the Right Right,  it is not the Left Right, or the Wrong Right, it is the appropriate right, or simply put the Right Right.  Regardless of the party we like or not, society can move better with educated individuals. I was not only fortunate for those amazing teachers but also for  the system that allowed me the precious gift of education through different countries and degrees. A system that is disappearing here in the US. Would we be a country of uneducated citizens managed by foreigners who come to study?

Not only I was touched by DJ’s message, but I was inspired to promote the initiative “the road to higher education” to make this right Right, and support giving every citizen that wants to study (a not so small detail) a way to do so. And I want to encourage those that did receive an education to share their stories on that web or another site.

There is a good, better, best… or simply right.


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