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One of my most exciting programs: Women Get Funded   Women now can have it all: career, family, friends, health… but you know what they lack?


Entrepreneurs, and specially women entrepreneurs feel the pressure of lack of time because they don’t have the resources to run their companies in an efficient way. Now, not having resources doesn’t mean having low quality… Because, they do it all.

And the main reasons why women don’t have the resources they need are three fold:

  1. Lack of Intention: Fewer Women Entrepreneurs think about running large companies
  2. Lack of Confidence: Fewer Women Entrepreneurs can overcome the social norms that pulled them down.
  3. Lack of Competence: Fewer Women Entrepreneurs are well prepared to raise funds.

The good news is that…  Women Entrepreneurs are not that different from Men Entrepreneurs.

The better news is that… Teams that have a woman in the top management position received a little bit more funding in capital raised for equity (typically Venture Capital).

and the mixed news is that Women Entrepreneurs receive only 2.7% of investments in Venture Capital.  If you are an optimist that means that most likely that number will go up.

With sooo many conversations about raising VISIBILITY of Women Professionals in all fields, chances are that Unprepared Women Entrepreneurs that are raising capital will also be … more VISIBLE.

What can I do? the irresistible pull of solving problems instead of complaining lead me to create a full program that takes from A to Z on Funding, specifically tailored to Women.

WHY? Because Ophelias revived are many (poke me if you got that)… are we there yet? we keep asking.

And here we are… a 10 week program, a community of support, and a constant reminder that we might not be there yet, but that has never stopped anyone from getting somewhere.

  • Session 1: Intention. Connect the dots. Resilience.
  • Session 2: Confidence. Ask how, not if. Negotiate.
  • Session 3: Funding versus Investing. Unlock the other side of the coin.
  • Session 4. Unfunding. Make capital needs disappear (add crowdfunding too)
  • Session 5. Family, Friends, and Fools. Emotional investing.
  • Session 6. Angels and Equity Partners. Making money, making meaning.
  • Session 7. Venture Capital. The Olympics of funding.
  • Session 8. Term Sheets and Valuation. It is all about numbers and conditions.
  • Session 9. Building an entreprise, not getting a job.
  • Session 10. Exiting. In the long term, we are all dead.

Join us on this fascinating Journey.  I am certain that you can do it solo, but doing it with us will be faster, more efficient, and more fun!

Kickstarter Campaign Starts March 8!

Click HERE and we’ll notify you once we are online.

If you want to be one of our supporters, send us a note to womengetfunded(at)wealthing.com.


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Alicia Castillo Holley is an international speaker and researcher on innovation, entrepreneurship, and venture capital.

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