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Girl Entrepreneur’s Notes

Notes to Self- Girl entrepreneur

Here is a note from Harmony Perry, age 7. Daughter and granddaughter of an entrepreneur. Harmony’s mother learnt at 13 that she would never work for anybody else (well, you do work for your customers’ – wise grandma said).

Harmony wants to have a band. She took piano lessons, takes dancing lessons, and fell in love with rock and roll. She made a paper guitar, paper strap over the shoulder included. And, she has other interests – we recently built a computer (playpiper) and she loves reading.

How we shape our boys and girls has a large influence in the choices visible to them. Sometimes we fail to recognize our own biased.

I was talking to Harmony recently and she told me she wanted to have Rock Band. I asked her what instrument do you want to play? And she looked at me seriously and responded:

I don’t want to play anything, I am the owner of the band.
She is now looking for ways to earn money so she can get what she wants. What tips would you give her? And why?

I’m very interested in the topic because I just launched a program to teach women how to get funded. I know Harmony is only 7, but I’m keen to know what would we tell her? and more so, would we tell her something different if she was a boy?

About the Author:

Alicia Castillo Holley is an international speaker and researcher on innovation, entrepreneurship, and venture capital.

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