Before you Die – A farewell poem for a business

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Before you Die – A farewell poem for a business

Before you die…

A poem inspired by the last company I invested that closed down…

Before you die, give me your lesson, handed in a silver plate, with humbleness not sorrow

Before you die, give me the brush to clean my ego, to let me see through the cracks what I did not want to see before

Before you die, give me a couple of smiles, so I can feel good about our time together

During your death, I won’t feel sorrow for I tried, we tried, it was just not meant to be

After you die, give me the reasons not to feel anger for customers who were spoiled, or dumb, or well, better served… or unimpressed by our promises and solutions

Give me the lessons, drip by drip, the ones I saw coming, but most importantly, the ones I did not.

Give me the holes in my pockets, to fill with recoup losses, or new hopes from new investments.

Give me the peace of mind, that I won’t be stressed, disappointed, frustrated, and, most importantly, distracted from other more interesting, more exciting, more promising ventures.

Before you die, wave goodbye and promise we will both learn from this. I will feel good about my contribution to innovation, for when I write off my investment, I don’t want to write off my learning.

I wished we could have had a much more profound conversation, but now you are closing and I am not.

About the Author:

Alicia Castillo Holley is an international speaker and researcher on innovation, entrepreneurship, and venture capital.

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