21 02, 2017

Ditch the Business Plan, Embrace the Business Model



I see it all the time, a novel idea, a passionate team, the illusion of the market, an unsophisticated investor, and the numbers… showing the inefable reality that the business is failing – Alternative facts perhaps.

The MAIN reason why Entrepreneurs or Small Business Owners don’t like Business Plans is that they are not flexible enough to help them find other ways to get more money.

They are trapped into following a PLAN instead of developing a MODEL.

One of the best ways to snap out of the Business Model Trap is to create a culture that welcomes money. Not at the expense […]

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25 04, 2016

Beware of These Funding Flaws

Once you’ve determined the type of funder that is a best fit, you need to explore the major FLAWS and how to prevent, manage or even avoid them.We’re down to brass tacks in the funding process. Ready?
There is ONE key issue with funding great ideas that we need to address. Generally speaking these ideas are great because they are innovative and creative, not because they have been tested!

What does it mean? It means that it is very likely you will have to make changes as you go along implementing your idea. This, in turn, makes it inefficient, and UNPREDICTABLE. […]

15 04, 2016

Girl Entrepreneur’s Notes

Here is a note from Harmony Perry, age 7. Daughter and granddaughter of an entrepreneur. Harmony’s mother learnt at 13 that she would never work for anybody else (well, you do work for your customers’ – wise grandma said).

Harmony wants to have a band. She took piano lessons, takes dancing lessons, and fell in love with rock and roll. She made a paper guitar, paper strap over the shoulder included. And, she has other interests – we recently built a computer (playpiper) and she loves reading.

How we shape our boys and girls has a large influence in the choices […]

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5 02, 2016

Women Get Funded

One of my most exciting programs: Women Get Funded   Women now can have it all: career, family, friends, health… but you know what they lack?
Entrepreneurs, and specially women entrepreneurs feel the pressure of lack of time because they don’t have the resources to run their companies in an efficient way. Now, not having resources doesn’t mean having low quality… Because, they do it all.

And the main reasons why women don’t have the resources they need are three fold:

Lack of Intention: Fewer Women Entrepreneurs think about running large companies
Lack of Confidence: Fewer Women Entrepreneurs can overcome the social norms […]

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20 01, 2016

Mirror mirror on the wall, which investor after all?

What Kind of Funder is Best for Your Idea?
I get tens of projects every month and see with great sadness and frustration how great proposals target the wrong type of funding.

You wouldn’t sell ice to eskimos or diapers to babies, right? Eskimos might not perceive the value in ice and babies don’t have the capacity to make a purchase (their parents do). Yes, I can accept that it is possible, but wouldn’t it be better to target a better fit?

Understand the funding mechanism before you start spinning your wheels, and start doubting your idea is not good enough. Good […]

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20 07, 2015


Make yourself comfortable… Now, make yourself a little bit more comfortable… Now, do everything you can to make yourself comfortable… and wait…

What happens when you are comfortable?
You are comfortable… Nothing needs to change… you are just there…

(Nothing, niente, nichts, rien, 아무것도,  没什么, لا شي,何も)

If you can make sense of this picture you know what it is to be uncomfortable. and I made this article to be, intentionally, uncomfortably, out of focus. This is my father who is visually impaired with a 50 inches TV serving as a screen, and a 600x magnification. And I like to use his examples to show […]

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5 06, 2015

That First Step

I like first steps – they remind me of change, diversity, and the irresistible pull of uncertainty. And this post is specially written for a friend taking first steps. I dag into my materials of a book written long time ago – here is the illustration – made by Laurie Barrows for the book on Falling in love with your life: The first step is the hardest.

First steps are like mitosis, the amazing process of cell division. Once started, the only way to stop it, is to kill the cell. You can actually see the process. A once murky […]

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6 05, 2015

The Right Right to Education

It was a good day today. The day is clear and fresh in Silicon Valley – we still need rain but alas, that Sun feels so incredibly good! I got a wonderful email from DJ Patil, the US Chief Data Scientist. I met DJ as the moderator of a firechat at Cathryn Posey’s event Tech super women (

DJ’s message made me think about education. You see, if you think education is expensive, try ignorance. An educated country is always progressing, not because educated people know what to do but because they know how to learn. DJ’s message was poetically […]

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4 05, 2015

How can you Explain

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How do you explain angel investing to a communist? or to a socialist?

Imagine living in a country with NO private property rights, with limited property rights, or with strong social rights.

In communist countries, the government directs your life. Yes, you might chose to execute small steps and actions, but your actions are constrains: what you can purchase to eat or dress, where can you live, and so forth. Of course you can walk faster, laugh louder, or hug a loved one. Leaders of the communist regime create the big picture, and take care of basic and […]

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30 04, 2015

Where to Find Funders and Backers

Most companies, organizations, or projects, provide value to users (also called customers). I tend to differentiate between users/ customers and clients, by defining that users/customers consume what I provide, and clients pay for it. For example, if you are reading this, you are our user. If you are paying us for our services you are a client. You can benefit as a user without paying for our services. Our sponsors are our clients too.

Customer and clients play a pivotal role in the sustainability of your company, organization, or project. Chances are however, that you need resources waaaay before you approach […]

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20 04, 2015

Valuation: Mirror mirror on the wall, what’s the value after all?

Valuation is an art and a science.
To begin with, ideas are worth nothing. The value is in the execution!

In the for-profit sector, there are three ways to value a company:

1. Cost value (add all the costs that you have paid for)
2. Book value (value of equity at the current time), and
3. Market value (value a potential purchaser will pay). This last one is likely to have the highest value.

Value for causes or non-profit sector involves two different approaches:

1. Wide impact: lots of people, small improvement, or
2. Profound impact: few people, transformational.

Join us for a interactive talk about valuation –
Join […]

16 04, 2015

Guess what, it is not the Gender. A novel Funding program for Women

Let’s shake out the gender gap from women’s heads.
Guess what – I feel like shouting – it is not the Gender!
I read it over and over again, and, as a woman investor, I feel trapped: It is not the gender, it is unpreparedness.

For women out there making a mark, it has never been the gender, it is the execution. It is no different than for anybody else. It boils down to consistently working to grow and improve one’s ideas. And well, to give the benefit of doubt, there MIGHT be some learned behaviors that might influence entrepreneurs that MIGHT be […]

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8 04, 2015

Notes from my dissertation: Academic’s on Research Commerialization

My love for research knows no boundaries. I am intellectually curious and have a hard time accepting ‘truths’.  Scientists, like artists, live in the continuous pursuit of the truth, our own truths… only that scientists look for the out there and validate what they know or don’t know, whereas artists look for the truth inside of them.

Little I knew that researching ‘researchers’ would be so much fun.  I embarked in the journey to understand the role of scientists in commercializing academic research and 4 years later reached the following conclusions – truth I hope gets validated, improved, tossed, or […]

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20 03, 2015

And this is Piper! – Wealth Talk with Mark and Shree.

And this time, a boy and a girl get a go to change the way we play with technology…. It had to be an interesting twist for those two who were studying life sciences…

It was TOO SLOW!  and instead of complaining, they did what entrepreneurs do best – they went and fixed the problem.  Join us on welcoming With Piper’s founders Mark and Shree and support their kickstarter campaign.  Last time I checked they had almost 1000 followers! Check out Piper: a Minecraft Toolbox For Budding Inventors by Piper on @Kickstarter

Wealth talks Piper

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2 02, 2015

Border-less Leadership – book long due!

I love discovering words of wisdom and this is a fantastic book!  Now more than ever we need global leadership skills. I am more and more convinced that the world is becoming closer and closer and that we are embarking into a new type of leadership.

The book takes a big-picture view of human relationships and helps the reader understand how we are similar and can work together, effectively, and harmoniously.

I was intrigued by the anecdote about learning (teaching actually) how to drive: it is not the skill, it is the mindset, the intuitive knowledge about the pedestrian that can possible […]

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