And this is Piper! – Wealth Talk with Mark and Shree.

And this time, a boy and a girl get a go to change the way we play with technology.... It had to be an interesting twist for those two who were studying life sciences... It was TOO SLOW!  and instead of complaining, they did what entrepreneurs do best - they went and fixed the problem.  Join us on welcoming With Piper's founders Mark and Shree and support their kickstarter campaign.  Last time I checked they had almost 1000 followers! Check out Piper: a Minecraft Toolbox For Budding Inventors by Piper on @Kickstarter Wealth talks Piper  

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Border-less Leadership – book long due!

Borderless Leadership I love discovering words of wisdom and this is a fantastic book!  Now more than ever we need global leadership skills. I am more and more convinced that the world is becoming closer and closer and that we are embarking into a new type of leadership. The book takes a big-picture view of human relationships and helps the reader understand how we are similar and can work together, effectively, and harmoniously. I was intrigued by the anecdote about learning (teaching actually) how to drive: it is not the skill, it is the mindset, the intuitive knowledge about

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David, Shree, and the book of I

It was an unusual morning in Houston. We had planned to drive to Galveston, to a beach house I rented to host Mom and Dad; Danny and Jin (and pollito half cooking); Sara and Stephan (and full cooked Harmony and Hope); and myself. We stop to have breakfast with my friend David Chaumette and Shree Pandya. Shree also reminded me of the questions many young women have today, specially those who want a magical life. Not the cinderella style but a life they are carving for themselves. These questions are also shared by young men, and by older women and

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From Intention to Action – the virtuous ladder

Norris Krueger developed the Theory of Entrepreneurial Intention: To move from thinking into acting, and, more importantly, to understand how entrepreneurs form images about opportunities, and then take appropriate actions to turn those dreams into goals (and subsequently into realities). Krueger expands this a little further, we don't need only entrepreneurs to start something (new) but to build better organizations, to become better entrepreneurs. In his own words: "In the language of cognitive science, we are helping novice entrepreneurs to become expert entrepreneurs". Krueger's thoughts resonates with what we do in Silicon Valley, everyone adds a grain of sand and

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Mind the GAPS

Mind the GAP? The secret is in a single question: what would I do if I was not gapped? Because I might not control my circumstances but my attitude is one hundred percent under my control.

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Working for Good – the legacy of Jeff Klein

  It was a sad day for Conscious Capitalism. A key thinker, Jeff Klein, suddenly passed away. CEO, writer, thinker, facilitator, Jeff's worked around the concept of 'working for good,' breaking the paradigm that businesses is all about profits. By now we all know -or should know- that working for profit is a lose proposition. Money is not the primary motivator for anyone, impact is. That is one of the reasons why I created the Wealthing Institute, and why many others are joining this new way of positive thinking about capitalism. We pay tribute to Jeff Klein by highlighting some of

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FUN-ding questions? June 3-10

What do you need to know to get Funded? Do you have a wonderful idea that can transform the world? Are you wondering if you could make this happen? Chances are that you have already thought about many things and give up because you don't have the resources to make this happen. So, you are throwing ideas here and there but few linger... and you get back to them - or they get back to you! and still you are thinking about the ideas instead of thinking about how to get the resources you need to make them

Three entrepreneurial skills that everyone should learn

Dreams to Goals - Foundation courses at the Wealthing(R) Institute I am so enthusiastic about entrepreneurship because it creates new worlds. Yet, entrepreneurship is NOT about learning how to start a new venture or taking the risks to do so... As many entrepreneurs will tell you,  it is about developing skills in three key areas: self-expression, self-determination, and self-accountability. Self - expression nurtures our sense of contribution and importance. Entrepreneurs feel that they have something to offer to the world, and they need to find a way to express it, to share it with others. Not so much because

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The Prize of the Price

Apigee - Silicon Valley Forum - Baybrasil Ever since 2011, Silicon Valley forum and BayBrasil organize a talk with international female entrepreneurs. I was invited by gracious hosts: Francince Gordon, Sonja London, Margarise Correa, and delightful partner Apigee, and joined by Almaz Negash, from Erithrea; Chiara Giovenzana, from Italy; Sharon Savariego, from Israel, and Silvia Curioni, from Brazil. The very interesting conversation spaon from what inspired us, how we founded our companies, what cultural differences we were aware of, and... most importantly, what barriers we had to overcome. As usual, the highlight of the day were the questions

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Like water, like stone

A friend of mine told me once that I was like a rock, banging things until I could break through and she was more like water, flowing around challenges to get things done.  then I realize that being like a rock or water had its charm. Sometimes we are like rocks, making a statement, crashing down with turmoil, and being observed, touched, criticized, applaud.  Rocks stand still, unperturbed, yet sometimes, slowly and surely decaying. Good thing about rocks is that what you see if what you get, and you can plan. Without rocks there is no core and without a

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Passion and Resilience – the key to high-impact firms

Supercomboman - Struggles Last Monday I ran the first miniworkshop to the extraordinary team that is making the Wealthing (R) Institute happen. We focused on the four foundation courses: Passion, Expression, Inquiry, and Legacy. Passion provides the individual with a powerful internal locus of control Expression gives us wings to dream, to express our wonder, to be free Inquiry gives us roots to make things happen, to express our needs, and to act upon it Legacy wraps our existence as a single drop of water in the ocean... as a point in time and space that, although minute,

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Angels of the same flock….

Flock (Photo credit: wildxplorer) It was only last week that I was reviewing papers for the prestigious Babson Entrepreneurial Research Conference when one caught my attention - it was a paper on emotions in angel investing. Interesting because the role of emotions is superficially evaluated in business... superficially because not all emotions are linear. That is the beauty of it...  Affinity is one of those rare emotions... and should be better explored. Life is easier when we share some intuitive background... when we fly together. In fact, the energy efficiency of synchronized flying (or swimming) has been well

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