Performance and Achievement

It is now 2:40 am in Silicon Valley, and I have to thank both the jetlag and the excitement of yesterday for this early rising. I wanted to write something about performance and achievement for various reasons: it is critical for entrepreneurs and practitioners to grow their businesses but it is also an interesting way of keeping up the spirits whilst evaluating results. From a conversation with my 10 yrs old niece to a meeting with an entrepreneur who is asking for an investment to an evaluation with a stock broker, yesterday was filled with examples of the importance of

Intention and Self – Efficacy

It was Norris Krueger who wrote a wonderful paper about what make people take action. Indeed it would be wonderful to figure out what is it that triggers or halts an action. Think about it, or rather act upon it. Pretty powerful stuff, isn't it? Norris explained that there are two components to an action: one is the intention and the other one is self-efficacy. I actually realized that people would take action also based on two components, only that I put them in a time frame. If the future does not look like the future you want, you will

Creating wealth for everybody, not just us

I can't believe it's been over a month already. That is what happens when I travel and have to juggle work and family. Thousands of miles after the 1 million, 30 percent and 10 thousand blog, I've been to Singapore, Seoul, San Francisco, San Jose (ok, they are so close it's like cheating), Houston, Guatemala, Mexico and Hong Kong.  The world is NOT a small place let me tell. Specially when one has a 6 hour wait in Singapore, even though Changi is one of my favorite airports and I travel business. Yet, I wouldn't trade my work for anything

Oh… bummer

Political parties aside, the world saw a great come back in history with the election of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the US. I did not vote on the American elections but I would have voted for either him or Hilary. It was time for unconventional wisdom. As a Hispanic woman having lived in the US three times, it is so refreshing to see the many colors of the American dream. Actually, nowadays, there are no geographic boundaries to dreams. I find gender or discrimination issues boring. Only a person who has feel discriminated against can understand what