How are we going to PART ways and feel GREAT about it?

Locks in Seoul There is a type of professional relationship where the whole goal is to part ways and feel great about it.   It shifts the paradigms of wining by competing to wining by collaborating; it bridges disparate powers or knowledge, capital, and connections; it dissolves the barriers of poor/rich, old/young, experienced/inexperienced, influential/unknown; it invigorates the economy, empowers individuals, nurture entrepreneurship; feeds on the promises of creating and sharing wealth; and much more. Yet the whole purpose of this relationship is to part ways and feel great about it.   Welcome to world of Angel Investing. As an

Academic Entrepreneurship

Little I new when I started my Phd in 2009 that the topic Academic Entrepreneurship would be so hot. On one hand, universities need to generate more income and are doing to engaging in what is called Academic Capitalism. And, they are succeeding, more and more people are studying, both because they want new degrees, upgrades, updates, upsales and all those UPS...  at the far end there is the PhDs. The US alone graduates around 64000 of PhDs per year, half of those enrolled never finish, so that means there is over 100,000 students enrolled per year, at

Intention and Self – Efficacy

It was Norris Krueger who wrote a wonderful paper about what make people take action. Indeed it would be wonderful to figure out what is it that triggers or halts an action. Think about it, or rather act upon it. Pretty powerful stuff, isn't it? Norris explained that there are two components to an action: one is the intention and the other one is self-efficacy. I actually realized that people would take action also based on two components, only that I put them in a time frame. If the future does not look like the future you want, you will

Creating wealth for everybody, not just us

I can't believe it's been over a month already. That is what happens when I travel and have to juggle work and family. Thousands of miles after the 1 million, 30 percent and 10 thousand blog, I've been to Singapore, Seoul, San Francisco, San Jose (ok, they are so close it's like cheating), Houston, Guatemala, Mexico and Hong Kong.  The world is NOT a small place let me tell. Specially when one has a 6 hour wait in Singapore, even though Changi is one of my favorite airports and I travel business. Yet, I wouldn't trade my work for anything

Finding purpose, passion and prosperity

Ashoka has just realeased the selection of Senior Fellows... If you ever think the world is going backwards or sideways... you've got to know about these amazing folks! http://www.ashoka.org/fellows HUMAN RIGHTS Alito Alessi, Mexico, Senior Fellow Eliminating prejudices and misconceptions towards disabled people through mixed-abilities dance that enables expression for all people. Tasneem Siddiqui, Pakistan, Senior Fellow Overhauling the traditional housing scheme by granting former slumdwellers access to affordable and developed plots of land. Asad Danish, Afghanistan, Fellow Bringing harmony to war-torn Afghanistan and the Pushtoon tribal belt in Pakistan by encouraging a culture of reading and increasing the literacy

Looking for Indian, Chinese and US students for a collaborative project!

I'm still digesting my last recent trip and have a lot of interesting materials and thoughts to share. In the meantime, I don't want to miss the opportunity to collaborate in this very interesting project. I wish my kids were doing science!!!Unfortunately it is only available to students with the Indian, Chinese or US citizenship OR to undergraduates in those countries. I'm sure the program will be a success and expand onto other regions soon!Mike Snyder, CEO and founder of iFEST sent me this invitation. Please forward it to students you might know and if you are one yourself, consider

It's all about bouncing

I couldn't a better message to end this year's wealth drop. It's all about bouncing back... as per Rob McBride's interview. The world's economices rose and fell in 2008: China as a screaming giant showing off a magnificent Olympic Games, India no longer in back office, the US refusing to admit trouble, Latin America and Africa tired and half asleep, Europe as a mature adult worried about the long term future, and Asia showing off Chindia. Something happened in the last couple of months and now, we just want to get over the holiday period and start a new year.

Global Entrepreneurship Week

It’s Global Entrepreneurship Week and all over the world, people are moving their minds, hearts, and pockets to find a common goal: create wealth. I learned about entrepreneurship and creating wealth at Babson College. Its founder, Roger Babson, wanted to create a distinctive way of thinking and acting that would lead to what Jeffry Timmons later called “the Silent Revolution.” I had the privilege of graduating from Babson’s MBA class and meeting and discussing many ideas with Jeff, whose legacy expands beyond his life. I would like to dedicate this wealth drop to Roger and Jeff. The concept of creating

The three pilars of entrepreneurship

I took a trip to Halls Creek, a small town in a remote location. My idea was to fund a business plan competition at the local high school to promote entrepreneurship. By the way, this picture was taken by an 8 yrs old girl who was wandering around with friends. I came back thinking that I will make it a priority to get involved as the foundations for "life" there is much different and there is a lot of work to do to establish a basic structure... mmmm like there is no bank. Despite everybody's pessimism I was determined to

Why do we add sugar to the saltshaker?

I wonder if we know about the difference between determination and stubbornness. It is rather small, most of the time we use them interchangeably. Yet, there is a subtlety I want to share with you today. I am as determined as stubborn, that is why I’ve made my dreams come true. As a typical entrepreneur I asked different questions. For example, instead of: can I do that? We think about How can I do that? Instead of will I fail? We think will I learn? Those little differences have a big impact. Anybody can see the power of those subtleties

What a safari teaches us about Strategy

Lions, Crocodiles and Buffaloes <span lang="EN-AU" style="font-size:12.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:"Times New Roman"">  I love strategy as much as witty smart disagreements, the kind that break our paradigms.. The first time I faced reinventing strategy and competition was in the 90s, when we discussed how to manage a shrinking market. I could see that whilst being concern with selling more, we were getting less. The issue was to sell different. Mind you I was an arrogant brainer, not that I've changed much to my dismay, on the arrogant part, but I now love to be proven wrong, would that be age? or maybe I