Academic Entrepreneurship

Little I new when I started my Phd in 2009 that the topic Academic Entrepreneurship would be so hot. On one hand, universities need to generate more income and are doing to engaging in what is called Academic Capitalism. And, they are succeeding, more and more people are studying, both because they want new degrees, upgrades, updates, upsales and all those UPS...  at the far end there is the PhDs. The US alone graduates around 64000 of PhDs per year, half of those enrolled never finish, so that means there is over 100,000 students enrolled per year, at

Why Venture Capital is good for you?

It is always so nice when someone captures your thoughts around cyberspace. Tony Malkovic posted a note all the way back in October on Science Voice... and I could not be happier by the way he summarized my words:“What entrepreneurs get out of venture capital is not the money, it’s the support, it’s the capacity to create wealth. It’s the knowledge of what to do and what not to do, so you can maximise your resources.” - Alicia Castillo Holley, Wealthing GroupHere is the link to the highlights of the event: last year to foster innovation and investments, the Leading

Funding your million dollar idea

We did it!Finally, after so many months of ups and downs it is here, the DVD and CD of one of my most successful topics: Funding your million dollar idea!Find the answers to most questions:debt or equity?angels or partners?venture capitalists?where to go when the bank says no?The best part is that you can listen and preview it all BEFORE you buy. With so many people now looking at creating their own wealth - so happy about it- it is the perfect time to think about it.The book is coming up soon, but in the mean time.. ENJOY IT!and if you