Linked in reached 100 million users!!!

I just got a note from Reid Hoffman, co-founder and chair of linkedin, reporting that they've hit 100 million users!!! and thanking me for being one of the 1st million. In the spirit of last week's conversation, I was amongst the pragmatics. What Reid doesn't know is that I signed up earlier, couldn't get value and deleted my account a few years later signed back in again. Now, I visit the site often. every now and then, if I have an hour of leisure I stroll around the questions and see if I can answer. I have formed

Academic Entrepreneurship

Little I new when I started my Phd in 2009 that the topic Academic Entrepreneurship would be so hot. On one hand, universities need to generate more income and are doing to engaging in what is called Academic Capitalism. And, they are succeeding, more and more people are studying, both because they want new degrees, upgrades, updates, upsales and all those UPS...  at the far end there is the PhDs. The US alone graduates around 64000 of PhDs per year, half of those enrolled never finish, so that means there is over 100,000 students enrolled per year, at

No, we are not dead

I write this note as I fly from San Francisco to Houston. I have just been in Silicon Valley for few days, an amazing place for innovation, entrepreneurship, and venture capital. Many think and say that venture capital is dead. Nothing farther from reality. Silicon Valley's energy is impressive. There, one feels a bit removed from recession, politics (Obama's inauguration) and the global crisis. I like the mentality. Not much time to think negatively. Each problem requires a solution and every minute used to think about the problem is one minute lost in seeking solutions. Yes, investments by venture capital