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Linked in reached 100 million users!!!

I just got a note from Reid Hoffman, co-founder and chair of linkedin, reporting that they've hit 100 million users!!! and thanking me for being one of the 1st million. In the spirit of last week's conversation, I was amongst the pragmatics. What Reid doesn't know is that I signed up earlier, couldn't get value and deleted my account a few years later signed back in again. Now, I visit the site often. every now and then, if I have an hour of leisure I stroll around the questions and see if I can answer. I have formed

What is your legacy?

Today is Friday evening and I am celebrating... I want to have a profound joy tip, celebrating the life of my elders. My mum and dad whom I saw in Venezuela few weeks ago, and my mother in law who made me return to be at her side during her last days. I had forgotten that death is part of life. I remember my friend Salim Abi Saab in my home country who told me once: we only 'have to' die, all the rest we do because we want to. And I've been thinking heaps (a lot in Ozzie English)