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On a personal note, my roots and branches are very international. Ninety percent European, but grew up in Venezuela and migrated later. If you haven’t done it yet… get onto 23andme!




. I have lived in 6 countries: Venezuela, USA (Chautauqua, Wellesley, Houston, Menlo Park), Switzerland, Chile, Australia, and Denmark, and have traveled to over 100 countries – not counting the Antilles. mapI have two children, and so far three grandchildren (all girls). I come from a family of immigrants: my great grandparents migrated, my grand parents migrated, my parents migrated, and so did I…

I love hiking and being in nature, and I grow much of what I eat too. I like dancing tango and salsa, and I can’t remember faces, colors, or tunes well.

I love technology, finding how things work and designing and building things, not only programs.

Having had a fascinating life, I only work with individuals who want two things from their lives: they want to evolve into something they never imagined, for their own individual needs, and they want to leave a legacy for others.

The areas where I focus are wealth creation (in the wider sense of creating new socioeconomic value) and passion. I was aware of wealth creation when I moved out of academia into the corporate world: we had better jobs, access to highly professional individuals, up to date technology. We were given many training options, we paid taxes, we got vacations. In a year I saved enough to begin building my house. I was puzzled: how can they afford to do that? then few years later the company closed and I was again puzzled: how do we prevent this from happening? Then I studied Entrepreneurship at Babson College and I began crafting models so we create wealth, not redistribute and not destroy it.
I stumble across the area of passion by serendipity. One of my children had depression and we worked relentlessly to overcome that. And we made it. Phew! I realized that many people were unhappy with their lives, that they were not living fully or with passion and that there was much to do. This has grown from a family guide to a book to a system and into the corporate world, yes, because we all need happier people.

I enjoy  speaking and researching on how we create wealth, and live with passion.

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