How to fund your million dollar idea- DVD, CD

A clear and practical presentation about the different types of funding: debt, equity, guerrilla. Includes information about how to find, when to use and what to expect from various sources of capital: founders, family, angel investors, equity investors and venture capital funds.

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From Brain to Gain – DVD

Scientists failed to get their research into the market because the same conditions that made them excel in the lab prevent them from listening to the customers and creating a healthy reward system. Moving from Brain to Gain involves three areas: achievement, use and payback. Brainers only focus on achievements, Gainers include the use by others and the expectations of payback to create wealth, not only knowledge.

Read what people say about the DVD and CD below

Feedback from books, DVD

“I just finished reading your “10 Unwealthy habits” and I am examining my habits currently! This writing inspired me in so many ways and I had to reach out to you in hopes of confirming the fact that your work is touching and teaching. Please continue to do what you are doing it is helping more than you may imagine. Wealth is now newly defined for me and I am sure it will keep evolving as I plan my journey through this life. I am grateful for you and your gift for giving. The simplicity is shocking, because we tend not to do inventory of our habits, when it is put so plainly we feel so inspired and empowered because it is matter-of-fact! Thanks! So inspired and grateful.”
Alexis Hill. USA
“I have just read your book and found it very inspiring. As a “want-to-be” brazilian entrepreneur, your words revealed some truths I already knew, some I didn’t admit and others that I was not aware of. Thanks.”
Henrique S.G.Costa. Brasil
“Thanks my friend your book 10 unwealthy habits was really soul searching. I think everyone should read your book and take a good look at themselves. Enjoy and thanks again.”
Ricardo Sealy, USA
“If you have a good idea, think that knowledge should be free and that you do not want to burden yourself with things like making money or getting rich: just watch this video and think again. If you have an invention which is hidden in some library: the video can help you to present it to the world. Or, if you have an idea, but do not know what to do with it: just watch this video, and things will get clearer. Alicia is a scientist turned entrepreneur, and thus knows both sides of the invention/money story really well. And if you decided to start your own company, I would also recommend her other video: How to fund your million dollar idea.”
Josef. Austria.
“I was surprised when I read this book about the emotions I felt. You may see some of yourself in her story… Life is not easy. Falling in love with your life is something we all should take the time to read. It will inspire you to change many of the things in your life that are holding you back. Bad things that happen to us and we need to be strong, to take care of ourselves and do our best to get the feelings of loving our life back into our lives. When you need help you need to reach out for it before it is too late… “
Jenny Heckel
“It’s a great reminder that how we think and deal with money on a mostly unconscious level effects our success with wealth. I would not have described myself as being greedy but Alicia’s description made me realize that by focusing on what was going out I had a general sense of fear about never having enough and thereby undervaluing myself as well as others. Unwealthy Habits is a fabulous tool!”
Alicia North