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These introductions can be used for presentations or interviews. Please note that Castillo Holley’s last name has two words without a hyphen.

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Alicia Castillo Holley is a Silicon Valley angel investor, prolific writer, and speaker. A former serial entrepreneur, she started nine companies and two non-profit, successfully exiting from five of them, and closing two.

Castillo Holley has served on the board of several high tech companies around the world and participated as a panelist in international and national business plans competitions. She lives in Silicon Valley, is an active member of Sand Hill Angels, and an investor in Micro Venture Capital Funds.

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Alicia Castillo Holley has transformed the lives of thousands of people providing them with clear tools to think and act in ways that create instead of destroy or share wealth.

A former scientist turned to new product development to entrepreneur and venture capitalist, she can relate to the many issues we face today living with passion and purpose, whilst growing the economy.

A firm believer in self determination and accountability, her Wealthing (R) method has allowed individuals – working for profit or not- to rethink their strategy, take action, and follow up to quickly adapt to changes.

She is a member of Babson’s Founder’s Club, Sand Hill Angels, and a panelist in many international and national business plan competitions. A dual Venezuelan – Australian citizen, she lives in Silicon Valley and travels frequently.