What makes my talks different?

  • I walk the talk. Been there, done that. Failed, succeeded, and in between.
  • I love what I do and it shows. No ego tripping here, it’s all about people’s hearts palpitating and minds bubbling.
  • I engage the audience. Whether in a small setting of a dozen or a thousands conference. They leave our events with a sense of vibrancy and radiance…. ready to live life fully, contribute to society, overcome challenges and share their celebrations.
  • The reflection points leave a long lasting impact. Years later, I still get notes of gratitude. You will do too.
  • I have tons of experience. From a 5 star hotel presentation to a shed with no electricity, from an intimate conversation to an auditorium of people, from Venezuela – my home country, to the USA (and its many cultures!), to Australia, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Africa. From groups of global leaders, to entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers, executives, scientists, women in business, minorities, students.

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High impact, thought provoking, invigorating, and action oriented presentations.

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All of our programs are customized to our client’s needs. Supporting products (DVD, books and guides) are available for most programs.
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Keynote Speaking:

a 30-90 minutes presentation that frames a meeting or a conference. Best for large audiences. See each take away points from our suite of seminars or request a tailor program.


a mini workshop, 30-90 minutes to support an existing presentation or strategic plan and lead to action. Best for small audiences that can break out in small teams. See each take away points from our suite of seminars or request a tailor program.


a one to two day intensive program to reshape strategy, develop and action plan and create a systematic follow-up system.


“Your presentation completely changed the way I view my role as an academic and as a head of this institution. I realized many paradigms based on obsolete practices that definitely require an urgent change. Attending your second seminar with a group of driven entrepreneurs helped me clarify the meaning and importance of shifting our approach to education, with the aim of increasing wealth for our country, and overcoming poverty. Your presentations inspired us to encourage our young people to dream big and pursue their passions, in a way that transforms teaching in learning for everyone’s wins. I have taken the powerful challenge presented to me in his workshop, to perceive success as a state of alertness to the opportunities life offers us, to openly receive feedback from my peers and colleagues, and to use curiosity as a key to progress and continuous learning.”
Prof. Daniel Soto, Rector Instituto Profesional Santo Tomas. Chile
“I wanted to send you a personal note to thank you for your very interesting presentation. Your topic inspired me a lot and provoked me to know more.”
Sadia Abdul Qadeer (Lecturer), Effat University. Jeddah- Saudi Arabia
“Most recently, I had an opportunity to seek business advice from Alicia on my latest software venture in Enterprise Web / Machine Learning domain. She helped me refine the pitch and the investor slide deck. In a series of rapid sessions, she helped establish clarity and focus to our business plan. Alicia has the wisdom, business insight and international experience that’s crucial in building global companies. She has organizational skills and an eye at looking at the overall landscape needed to evaluate the value proposition and product/market fit.”
Shoieb Yunus, Serial Entrepreneur, Silicon Valley, CA
“I know Alicia through a mutual friend. From the start she shows very helpful and cooperative, listen carefully about my project of creating a Center for Entrepreneurship. She always gave me advices that improved my plan and my objectives. Her experience and passion are invaluable to the success of the project, which are on its initial steps. I hope to have her as a consultant, as a speaker, and also , and more important, to count on her as a guide to the successful of this project and more that are coming.”
Carlos Gurméndez, Entrepreneur, CPA, RE Investor, Coach
“Alicia is a great professional that will help you in developing your wealth strategy and reaching it. She has a lot of considerable international experience that make her very sharp and precise. Beyond all her professional skills, Alicia is a great human being, with strong sense of empathy, she also has a good sense of humor and it is a committed person to her friends. If you are looking to develop your business strategies in order to develop wealth, Alicia is the right person to contact. “
Dr. Zuño Kristal, Ed.D.
“Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and experience at the Entrepreneur’s Club last night. I enjoyed your presentation very much and it has helped me immensely on creating a strategy to go global.”
Ashley Aitken, Australia
“Dear Ms. Castillo: A quick note to thank you for the presentation. Given the time constraints and the voluminous information that is inherent in the subject, you did an excellent job of helping each of us get pointed in the right direction for our future endeavors.”
William Galanis, USA
“Thanks for helping us reshape our training to consultants and entrepreneurs. Your practical approach and your experience was critical to the success of our program.”
Alex Visic, CEO
“Alicia Castillo is an extraordinary leader in the field of entrepreneurship. She is one of those rare people who combines the roles of educator, trainer, scholar, practitioner and business-facilitator with skill, passion and flawless style. I have been especially fortunate to be able to invite Alicia Castillo to teach in my MBA class on Entrepreneurship and Creativity in the Curtin Graduate School of Business, where she has lectured and led a case discussion on the theme of business planning for entrepreneurial ventures, with a special emphasis on elucidating the difference between a business plan and a strategic plan. I have since received numerous expressions of thanks from my students for their classroom experience with Alicia. Castillo clearly knows her subject. She naturally asserts authority in the classroom and commands respect from students, but in a totally engaging manner that maintains the students’ attention. Besides her skill in lecturing — which she does with logic, discipline and persuasiveness — Alicia exhibits remarkable prowess in the pedagogy of case teaching. Frankly, she is a master. I have been a dedicated user of the case teaching method with my MBA students for many years and, usually, I receive very strong reviews from students for my teaching. Nevertheless, I came away from observing Alicia Castillo in the classroom feeling inspired and humbled. She is able to manage the balance between, on one hand, stimulating students to think aloud, articulate their personal insights, pursue lines of interpretation and argument and to engage in lively debate while, on the other hand, channeling the discussion towards clear and robust conclusions. I have rarely seen an MBA classroom case discussion achieve such a perfect balance of freedom of expression and discipline of thought.”
Prof. Kelvin Willoughby, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property, Curtin University.
“Alicia presented to my Financial Services Team in April 2010. The presentation was based on her book, “Falling in Love with Your Life” and focused on how to be positive and how negativity and positivity affect those around us. The team found the talk very inspiring, they felt that it provided them with some tools to create positive thinking, to be more confident and to enjoy what they are doing and life in general. I would highly recommend Alicia’s motivational talk to individual teams, to organizations or for conferences. Alicia’s educational background, her style and her life experiences create a significant impact and she is an inspiration to everyone.”
Sandy Harvey, Senior Manager Financial Services RAC Western Australia.