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No more Dreams

Ted X Silicon Valley - Global Women Entrepreneurs  Dec 1, 2012 My talk on tweets No more dreams Dreams give us hope and wings… but to make them happen we need to put them aside. Look up to your dream, grab it and follow us on this amazing conversation. What I want to share with you are 10 lessons I learnt whilst creating and running for the first year, Chile’s first formal seed capital fund. Lesson 1: there is nothing inspirational about thinking small Most of the times it is easier to do something larger than what is possible The

The Wealthing (R) System

With all the questions we received about what method we used... here it, pick one area that feels weak in your organization, family or life and start turning your wealth around. Wealthing(R) is a comprehensive system to create wealth by shifting the following paradigms: We win by competing >>> we win by collaborating I win you lose >>> nobody has to lose for me to win We leverage on our strengths >>> we leverage on our passion We learn from our successes >>> we learn from our actions We make money >>> we make meaning Life is about being >>>

Keep Them Coming

It feels sooo good to be anticipating my birthday. When I was a teenager I wrote a note to my own 40s birthday, which lays dormant somewhere in my parents' house. As for 50? nope. I always thought I would live up to 100 or a bit longer, with a great temper, and so far, so good, the body follows. As my dad told me about being deaf... best thing EVER! I say yes yes and do whatever I want, no dramas. hahaha. He does have hearing aids and puts it on usually without turning it on. As

Performance and Achievement

It is now 2:40 am in Silicon Valley, and I have to thank both the jetlag and the excitement of yesterday for this early rising. I wanted to write something about performance and achievement for various reasons: it is critical for entrepreneurs and practitioners to grow their businesses but it is also an interesting way of keeping up the spirits whilst evaluating results. From a conversation with my 10 yrs old niece to a meeting with an entrepreneur who is asking for an investment to an evaluation with a stock broker, yesterday was filled with examples of the importance of