FUN-ding questions? June 3-10

What do you need to know to get Funded? Do you have a wonderful idea that can transform the world? Are you wondering if you could make this happen? Chances are that you have already thought about many things and give up because you don't have the resources to make this happen. So, you are throwing ideas here and there but few linger... and you get back to them - or they get back to you! and still you are thinking about the ideas instead of thinking about how to get the resources you need to make them! Is it worth its value?

Don't you love bubbles?  a company it worth a billion dollars in a couple of years.  Now, that would be, let's see,  it is not even a .com company.. it is a ... what the (%*&#(%& is a .am?   Let's see, Grams are types of bacterias; Ram files are used for videos or audios but for images? no way..  Am is the country code for Armenia. Yes, where Noa's Arch is supposed to have landed. But going back to Instagram... the question is.... Is it worth 1 billion dollars....  $1,000,000,000 dollars... without much to worry about inventory, green

The decline of the Empire and the venture capitalists

Sounds exciting right?  a bit of drama is always welcome, the salt and the spices that add  a j'ne se quois to life. For decades I've supported entrepreneurship, simply because it gives individuals choices... and there is nothing more refreshing than knowing that we don't HAVE to do anything, but that we CHOSE to. In this day and age, despite having enormous opportunities, we are told to believe that capital is still in charge, when in reality, capital is at the service of others: our clients, our employees, our investors, and our politicians... and yes, the 4th sector: the religious,

Performance and Achievement

It is now 2:40 am in Silicon Valley, and I have to thank both the jetlag and the excitement of yesterday for this early rising. I wanted to write something about performance and achievement for various reasons: it is critical for entrepreneurs and practitioners to grow their businesses but it is also an interesting way of keeping up the spirits whilst evaluating results. From a conversation with my 10 yrs old niece to a meeting with an entrepreneur who is asking for an investment to an evaluation with a stock broker, yesterday was filled with examples of the importance of