Girl Entrepreneur’s Notes

Notes to Self- Girl entrepreneur Here is a note from Harmony Perry, age 7. Daughter and granddaughter of an entrepreneur. Harmony’s mother learnt at 13 that she would never work for anybody else (well, you do work for your customers’ - wise grandma said). Harmony wants to have a band. She took piano lessons, takes dancing lessons, and fell in love with rock and roll. She made a paper guitar, paper strap over the shoulder included. And, she has other interests – we recently built a computer (playpiper) and she loves reading. How we shape our boys and

How are we going to PART ways and feel GREAT about it?

Locks in Seoul There is a type of professional relationship where the whole goal is to part ways and feel great about it.   It shifts the paradigms of wining by competing to wining by collaborating; it bridges disparate powers or knowledge, capital, and connections; it dissolves the barriers of poor/rich, old/young, experienced/inexperienced, influential/unknown; it invigorates the economy, empowers individuals, nurture entrepreneurship; feeds on the promises of creating and sharing wealth; and much more. Yet the whole purpose of this relationship is to part ways and feel great about it.   Welcome to world of Angel Investing. As an

Instagr.am! Is it worth its value?

Don't you love bubbles?  a company it worth a billion dollars in a couple of years.  Now, that would be, let's see,  it is not even a .com company.. it is a dot.am ... what the (%*&#(%& is a .am?   Let's see, Grams are types of bacterias; Ram files are used for videos or audios but for images? no way..  Am is the country code for Armenia. Yes, where Noa's Arch is supposed to have landed. But going back to Instagram... the question is.... Is it worth 1 billion dollars....  $1,000,000,000 dollars... without much to worry about inventory, green