Around the world in 58 days

How does one start a blog of a round the world trip? Perhaps it would have been better to add bits and pieces, but one of the caveats of jumping around is that time is spent working, meeting people, digesting information, analyzing, indulging oneself is the joy of finding out other people who are changing their worlds and in turn ours. What started as a short vacation in Portugal, ended in a hyper exciting week at Stanford. And more than observations I stand taken by unresolved questions. Let’s start with Portugal, a powerful country with an international reach.

Linked in reached 100 million users!!!

I just got a note from Reid Hoffman, co-founder and chair of linkedin, reporting that they've hit 100 million users!!! and thanking me for being one of the 1st million. In the spirit of last week's conversation, I was amongst the pragmatics. What Reid doesn't know is that I signed up earlier, couldn't get value and deleted my account a few years later signed back in again. Now, I visit the site often. every now and then, if I have an hour of leisure I stroll around the questions and see if I can answer. I have formed