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How are we going to PART ways and feel GREAT about it?

Locks in Seoul There is a type of professional relationship where the whole goal is to part ways and feel great about it.   It shifts the paradigms of wining by competing to wining by collaborating; it bridges disparate powers or knowledge, capital, and connections; it dissolves the barriers of poor/rich, old/young, experienced/inexperienced, influential/unknown; it invigorates the economy, empowers individuals, nurture entrepreneurship; feeds on the promises of creating and sharing wealth; and much more. Yet the whole purpose of this relationship is to part ways and feel great about it.   Welcome to world of Angel Investing. As an

The decline of the Empire and the venture capitalists

Sounds exciting right?  a bit of drama is always welcome, the salt and the spices that add  a j'ne se quois to life. For decades I've supported entrepreneurship, simply because it gives individuals choices... and there is nothing more refreshing than knowing that we don't HAVE to do anything, but that we CHOSE to. In this day and age, despite having enormous opportunities, we are told to believe that capital is still in charge, when in reality, capital is at the service of others: our clients, our employees, our investors, and our politicians... and yes, the 4th sector: the religious,