Castillo Holley is one of the most fascinating international speakers on wealth creation.

The Wealthing® Mindset introduces a systematic approach to the process of creating wealth by balacing: achievement, use and payback. Neither business nor organizations make decisions, people do, and we cannot disconnect the emotional, rational and physical dimensions of those decisions. A series of frameworks, cases and exercises help the audience understand the trigger points that propel them to take action, hold them back or make them doubt.

Key Take Away Points:

  • Achievement: Inner trust, irreverence and accomplishment.
  • Use: Contribution, simplicity, focus.
  • Payback: Rewards, obligations and reciprocity.
  • Understanding values and needs: Relevance and urgency.
  • Passion and skills: Inner and outer control points.
  • Creating and destroying wealth: What we do matters.


Audience: General public.

You do bring a sense of the achievable to the world of entrepreneurship. Anyone interested in starting and developing a global business should seek you out.”  Tracey Hodgkins – CEO. Australian Experiential Learning Centre. Australia.

Excellent presentation on creating high-impact businesses, and managing the financial crisis. Our CEOs were delighted by your experience. Thanks for making this a remarkable event.” Carola Rivano. Induexpo Event Coordinator. Guatemala
How can you turn creativity and innovation into wealth? Without the WealthingTM system, most efforts in creativity and innovation DO NOT benefit the business. Value propositions inside the organization need to consider the impact of small tasks on the big picture. Wealth is created by developing new markets or vanishing costs.The principles of achievement, use and payback blend in to combine personal and team benefits.

Key Take Away Points:

  • The WealthingTM mindset: Achievement, use and payback.
  • Leveraging skills and passion. What doesn’t show on your 360s.
  • Accomplishments: A trap for Brainers, a leverage for Gainers.
  • Progress beat perfection: Get it done and stay committed.
  • No compromise: Relevance, urgency and importance.
  • Failure is an option: Craft an elegant exit option.
  • Backward milestone planning: Lessons from Venture Capital on uncertainty.


Audience: CEOs, private investors, product managers, business developers, entrepreneurs, consultants.

Your model of creating wealth and markets is fascinating. I knew there had to be an alternative to Schumpeter’s creative destructionism, but I didn’t know how to frame it. Thanks for an amazing conference.” Dr. Luis Miguel Beristain. Director Center for Entrepreneurship. Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico, DF.

If you have an idea and want to create wealth, you need to contact Alicia and follow her ideas. Zuno Kristal. Israel
A fascinating discovery of what winners do to turn knowledge into wealth in the context of a research institution. A great innovation does not necessarily turns into a popular product or service and results in large profits. Most organizations focus more on protecting than on commercializing their intellectual property. Without a clear understanding of the use and the payback, innovations linger until their window of opportunity is lost.

Key Take Away Points:

  • The WealthingTM mindset: Achievement, use and payback.
  • Intent to Profit: Beyond protecting intellectual property.
  • Accomplishments: A trap for brainers, a leverage for Gainers.
  • Progress beat perfection: the barrier to getting things done
    ~ The beauty of a satisfied customer: how less is more and more
  • Creating uncontested market space: moving from faster horses to cars
  • Reaping the benefits: nobody has to lose for you to win
  • Failure is an option: cutting loses short


Audience: Researchers, scientists, doctoral and postdoctoral students.

Creating wealth is a much broader concept than entrepreneurship and we need to form professionals with that view. We look forward to your next workshop. Dr. Paula Sanders. Dean Postdoctoral Studies. Rice University. USA.

Your down to earth perspective and your ability to move from inventor to entrepreneur to investor was fascinating. Maureen Boland. Curtin University of Technology. Australia.

Your thoughts are a must read for anyone interested in economic development and prosperity, anchored on the individual.  Dino Linares. CID, Peru.

Your enthusiasm, demonstrated expertise in the area of entrepreneurship and growing wealth, and your capacity to engage with the audience will have a lasting impact on all who had the opportunity to meet with you. Dr. Des Rice. Director Learning Resource Center. Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University. Saudi Arabia.
Funding is a recurrent worry for entrepreneurs. Balancing cash flow is one of the most delicate and critical aspects of managing a firm and launching an innovation. Understanding the basis of funding allows the entrepreneur to find an ideal fit or to modify the idea’s strategy to increase the probability of receiving funds.

Take away points:

  • Be clear: Give me your money
  • Income is assumed, expenses are controlled
  • Equity creates a promise: Share value and dividends.
  • Debt creates an obligation: Principal and interests.
  • Equity partners from strong ties: Founder’s, family and friends.
  • Equity partners from weak ties: Parters, Angels, Venture Capitalists.
  • Debt, the cheapest money.
  • Funding without capital.


Audience: CEOs, private investors, consultants, entrepreneurs

Not only we value your spirit and motivation, but your knowledge in entrepreneurship and funding and the refreshing perspective was very valuable for me and for the students.” Enio Pinto. Program Manager. Inst. Latin American Business. Babson College. USA.